Frequently asked questions


A segment one course consists of 24 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction, and 4 hours of observation. Students are given an exam on their last day of segment one and get a 70 percent or better on the exam to finish the course. For students under 18 years of age this is the first step taken in order to obtain their license. Your student will then need to take a Segment Two course and a road test to obtain their license. If you are 18 years of age or older and looking to take a Segment one or Segment two course you can. However, you will not receive a certificate of completion for each of these courses. These courses are not required by the state for anyone over the age of 18. If you are over the age of 18 and want to take any of these courses to better prepare you, you will need to go to the Secretary of State and obtain a T.I.P permit before you can begin any of your behind the wheel driving lessons. The permit will cost $25.00 and it requires you to pass a written exam. For students over 18 years of age who are taking segment one to prepare them for the written exam to obtain their permit T.I.P you will only be allowed to complete the classroom portion of Segment one until you feel prepared enough to pass the exam and get your T.I.P the state requires the permit to be obtained before any behind the wheel lessons can be done for students over the age of 18.


Students must be at least 14 years and 8 months of age and have your parents or guardian’s permission to start a segment one course.


Segment two is a three day course. 2 hours each day for a total of 6 hours of classroom instruction. Requirements for a Segment two course include: Have held your level one license (permit) for 3 months or longer, completed 30 hours of driving(2 hours must have been done at night) in your driving log or on an app. Your student will need to bring their driving log and Level one (permit) with them to the first day of class. The instructor needs to be able to see and read the date at the top of the paper level one license permit. The date is at the very top and it all together has no spaces or dashes. For example, 11022020 would be 11-02-2020


At this current time with classroom size restrictions we are currently not doing any payment plans. To enroll in any upcoming Segment one or Segment two courses you must do so online. All of our classes are very limited in size, only 9 students allowed in each class right now, and we follow these state guidelines and are taking the covid-19 pandemic very seriously to protect our staff, students, and the communities we serve. We have all our future courses dates, times, and locations listed on our website. However, we are only booking 90 days in advance right now.


For any parent that has additional questions or needs more clarification or information on any of these courses they may come to the very first day or last day of class with their student. Please contact your students instructor directly to make arrangements with them so they can make sure to have all the information ready and be available to answer any questions you might have. Each student gets a packet of information on their very first day of Segment one along with additional paperwork that needs to be completed and signed by both the parent and the student. In every packet the student has a booklet about the Graduated Drivers License for Parents. This booklet has very important and useful information in it for every student's parents looking to learn or know more about the G.D.L requirements and guidelines. You can also call our main office at 586-445-1188 for any additional information or questions that you might have.


Students will begin signing up for drives their first week of class. These drive times are scheduled outside the dates and times for their classroom instruction hours. These drives can take up to 3 weeks after the class is over to be completed depending on the number of students in the class. Please sit down with your student after the first two days of class and let them know when the best time is for them to schedule their 6 behind the wheel/one hour instruction drive time. Michigan Driving School does not assign the drive times we allow the students to pick their own times to accommodate families and busy schedules. Each student is given a schedule to write down each of their drive times and observation hours on. It is the students responsibility to keep track of this sheet along with their drives sheets that the instructor fills out for them during and after each one of their lessons. This helps the student gain responsibility. If any changes need to be made to a student's drive time we kindly ask that you give the instructor a 24 hour notice so we can try and fill that time in with another student. If a student misses a drive time, a no show fee will be applied to the student and they will have to pay the fee before they can finish any of their drives. The fee goes to pay the instructor for the hour that they were not able to work for. We understand that things come up, and life happens, we kindly ask that you take the drive schedules very seriously because our instructors time is just as important to us as everyone's families time is to them.


Please speak with your instructor ahead of time if you believe that your student may be missing a class during their Segment One course, and the classroom instructor will explain to you and the student how missed days will be made up. Right now with our current classroom restrictions we ask that you try your very best to not miss any days. If a student becomes ill or is running a fever before any of these courses please keep your student home that day, Michigan Driving School does temperature checks before each class and each driving lesson. If a student has a temperature they will be sent home and the instructor will contact you about what you are required to do next before your student can return to class. Please for the safety of our staff, students, and communities notify us if your student is not feeling well and we will help accommodate you for making these times up. We are taking the pandemic very seriously and we ask that every family does their best to help us keep us all healthy and safe.


If your student's certificate gets lost or damaged another one can be issued by contacting our main office directly, there is a $10.00 fee for this service. Michigan Driving School can only reissue certificates for students that took segment one or segment two courses at one of our locations. If you took it from another driving school you will have to contact them for them to reissue your certificate.


Will expel any student that violates State Laws and/or local ordinances. If a student threatens another student or an instructor, bullying, teasing, spitting, abuse of fire alarms, etc., we want the all students to feel comfortable and able to learn. This is a learning environment and Michigan Driving School reserves the right to expel or dismiss a student at any time during any course or behind the wheel lesson for inappropriate behavior, language, etc. The safety of our students, instructors, and communities we serve are our number one priority.


For any other questions or concerns please fill out a contact submission form from our website and we will reply to you within 48 hours. Thank you for choosing Michigan Driving School for your students' driver's education!

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